Acupuncture Before IVF Procedure: During an IVF treatment, acupuncture regulates hormones, improves the menstrual cycle, and promotes ovulation. After the transfer of embryos, acupuncture increases the chances of implantation. Acupuncture alleviates stress, and restores the functions of your body, preparing you for the best health. 

Acupuncture treatment plans are decided based on your fertility type, just as your IVF doctor prescribes your medication based on your age, blood chemistry, etc. This is the key component of acupuncture therapies.

There are a set of acupuncture treatments around the time of egg retrieval, embryo transfer, etc based on certain protocols which increase the pregnancy rates. It also helps you calm down and relax, helping in the entire IVF cycle duration be a success. Along with applying acupuncture principles, if required, a mild electro-stimulation is applied to the acupuncture points on the abdomen in the weeks before the transfer depending upon the needs of the patient's body.

Before and during the medication phase of IVF treatment

During IVF treatment, many women, who are undergoing IVF use acupuncture as adjunctive support as it controls stress, anxiety, and overall greater resilience. The treatment offered to each individual is different and it depends on symptoms.

Benefits of acupuncture during IVF treatments

•    Helps increase IVF success rates.
•    Decreases the side effects of the medications.
•    Optimizes the sperm and egg health.
•    Helps in Fallopian tube obstruction.
•    Improves ovarian function, increasing follicular size for better quality eggs. 
•    Promotes the growth of healthy embryos. 
•    Regulates hormones to maintain healthy levels in the body. 
•    Regulating the thickness of endometrium- increases if the thickness is not suitable for conception and keeps it healthy if too thick.
•    increases blood flow to the uterus increasing the chances of implantation.
•    High FSH levels indicate poor ovarian function. Acupuncture is able to regulate the FSH levels by regulating the hormones and function of the ovaries.
•    Acupuncture not only helps physically but also keeps  you mentally stable and relaxed during the entire procedure of IVF

Numerous scientific studies have proved that the success rate of IVF increases by double when acupuncture is added along with your fertility treatments.