Choosing an acupuncturist or other healthcare provider is an important part of your healing and wellness process. All too often, we trust "the expert" more than we trust ourselves, especially when it comes to our health. A good acupuncturist wants to empower you to take control of your own wellness.

Many patients we have spoken with agree that healing occurs when someone begins to understand themselves and when they take responsibility for it. That's why the relationship you have with your doctor is so important. We want to be with you on your journey to better health and well-being. That's where the magic happens!

So, how do you choose? 

In this blog, we will talk about the things you should look for when choosing an acupuncture clinic. We believe these points will help you find the right acupuncturist.

Practitioners of Chinese medicine like acupuncturists are regulated by a regulatory board that oversees all practitioners in the country. This takes into account some important aspects such as education, training, ethical standards, and more. 

Ask for Credentials!

The practitioner should be ready and able to show you their license or license number at any time. Always check how authentic the practice is and if the acupuncturist is an affiliated doctor.

Make sure the treatment room is clean and safe.

Licensed acupuncturists are required to use sterile needles for single use. The treatment room should be clean and have a properly covered treatment table, including pillows and linens.

Standard medical cleanliness practices include clean hands, clean rooms, no biofluids on surfaces, and no stray needles. The use of sharps containers and biohazard waste collection containers should be mandated. Materials should be stored neatly on sturdy carts, shelves, or tables, and items such as rubbing alcohol and cotton balls should be stored properly.

Listen carefully!

Make sure your acupuncturist listens carefully to understand your medical history and find out what is underlying your symptoms or disease process. The main goal should be to find the root cause. He should make sure to ask you important questions that will help you get to the bottom of some of the roots of the imbalance!

Ask questions!

Asking questions is another good quality to look for in an acupuncturist. Based on your answers, he can get an overall picture of what's going right and what's wrong, and help you find your path to healing.

Some of the questions may even seem strange to you, such as why you are asked how you express your creativity when you tell us about your migraines. But believe us, it could have everything to do with those devastating headaches.

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Consider the "Whole You"

The great thing about Chinese Medicine is that it looks at you, your life, your symptoms, and your disease(s) as one big whole. It does not see you with back pain, heart disease, or stomach ailments.

Everything matters, from your symptoms to your lifestyle to your career to your relationships - everything!

As acupuncture practitioners, we do our best to do a thorough intake to learn about these things, leaving plenty of room to get to know the patient further.


Acupuncturists may have a good sense of how things will improve or how long it might take for you to notice that you are getting better, but they are not fortune tellers or magicians.

Healing takes time, and you have to be patient. If you have been in pain and agony for a while, it will probably take some time to get better. If they feel you need additional support from another healthcare provider or treatment method, they will make the appropriate recommendation to help you.


To conclude this discussion, it is also important for you to do thorough research before choosing an acupuncture clinic. Talk to them and find out the pros and cons of the therapy.

Do you still have doubts about the therapy?

We at Ayushyaa Clinic will help you to remove those doubts. Dr Pravin and Dr Pooja are expert acupuncturists who have been helping patients for more than a decade. You can contact us and get answers to all your questions.